WELCOME and FRIENDSHIP teams for foreign students

Intercultural association to promote the discovery of French language, culture and customs

The Teams founded in 1951, to create friendship between French and German girl students after World War II, welcome today students from all over the world.


Welcoming foreign students to talk in French, to get information to make their stay in Paris easier, correcting their academic exercises or university research


The Teams help the students to create contacts with French families


The Teams make them discover the wealth of yesterday’s and today’s France (theatre, exhibitions, travels, etc.)


The Teams give the foreign students the opportunity to share the wealth of their own cultural heritage to develop friendship France and their own native countries and so, doing to contribute to build peace.

Yet the aim of the association is not to give precise information about the organization of University studies in France, school or administrative formality. The association is not empowered to find them an accommodation, a job, sport activities, or financial help.

This friendship between nations has been lasting for many years thanks to exchanges between the students back in their countries and the association. Please help us to keep this link on.

Opening hours

  • Monday 11h à 22h : any time at your convenience
  • Wednesday 14h30 à 18h30 : any time at your convenience

Please do not arrive before the opening hours (unless if you have a precise appointment)


  • Tél : 01 45 44 78 20
  • Mail : etudiants.etrangers7@gmail.com
  • Address : 7 rue de Poitiers 75007 (the building at the back of the yard)
  • Registered office : 24 boulevard Victor Hugo 92220 Neuilly sur Seine
  • Facebook : www.facebook.com/EAAEES
  • Web : http//equipe.accueil.free.fr

Means of transports

  • Metro (ligne 12) : Solférino
  • RER C : Musée d’Orsay
  • Bus : 24, 63, 69, 73, 83, 84, 94


25 € per year + 30 €



  • Honorary President : Anne Autier
  • President : Jacquline Birée
  • Vice Président : Perrine Canavaggio
  • Secretary General : Joëlle Klotz
  • Treasurer : Philippe Antony

Others Members

  • Agnès Brault
  • Sylvie Durouchoux
  • Gaud Galtier
  • Marie-Françoise Petit
  • Françoise Pouillet
  • Florence Slove
  • Amin de Tarrazi

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